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18-time reigning state champion & vice European champion 2022!

The most successful formation club in Austria

As of June 2024, HSV-Zwölfaxing is now the 18-time Austrian champion of Latin information. This success is the result of many years of work and a very high level of commitment on the part of the dancers, trainers and officials. We want to make a difference together and have therefore chosen the best of all sports: dance.

We are the most successful formations club in Austria, as well as a fixture in the top international field. If you want to know what it feels like to be in the spotlight and celebrate long-term achievements with your friends, don't hesitate andget it contact with us …

  • 18-time Austrian state champion between 2004 and 2024

  • 2nd place at the World Championships 2023 in Hong Kong (CH)

  • 2nd place at the European Championships 2022 in Schwechat (AUT)

  • World Dancesport Games: 2nd place (2013)

  • World Championships: 8 places in the finals, including 5th place (2008, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2019)

  • European Championships: 7 final places, 4th place (2011), 5th place (2012, 2013, 2014)

  • 1st place at the Austrian Open (2008-2009, 2011, 2012)

  • 1st place in the Danube Cup (2008-21)

Our greatest achievements


The Latin information of the HeeresSportVereins Zwölfaxing (HSV-12axing) was founded in 2002 under the umbrella organization of the Austrian Army Sports Association (ÖHSV). In the beginning, the dance sport section consisted of Latin information, which worked in close cooperation with the Schmid dance school in Perchtoldsdorf and the formation club based there. This cooperation ended in 2012 and HSV-12axing has been taking care of the youth work itself ever since. The HSV-12axing dance sport section currently consists of four Latin information teams(A-, B-, C- & D- Team), of which A and B-Team dance in the first Bundesliga. The C and D teams represent the club in the 2nd Bundesliga, while the All Girls team, founded in 2020, competes in the hobby league. In 2016, the "D-Team" started at a tournament for the first time, where it immediately danced its way to the top in the hobby league and has been dancing in the 2nd BL since 2021.

The coaching teams Natalia Tchemodourova-Ludwig, Markus Sónyi and Steffen Engel, from 2011 Stefan Herzog and Nicole Sheel - alias Sheila, then Stefan Herzog, Barbara Stamm and Isabella Purzner and currently Stefan Herzog, Daniela Riedl and Barbara Zederbauer contributed and still contribute a lot national and international top performances of the Latin information of the HSV-12axing.

Since its inception, the dance sport section has competed at the Austrian state championships and has been able to win the Austrian state championship title 16 times with its "A-Team" since 2004. During this period of time, the Vice State Champion title went to the B-Team of HSV-12axing, among others.

Internationally, too, the HSV-12axing is extremely successful and dances at the top of the world – in 2008 the final was reached at the European Championships in Essen for the first time. In the same year, the result at the home world championship in Wiener Neustadt was topped and the HSV team positioned itself in the international top field with 5th place. This place was also maintained at the 2015 and 2019 World Cup. Austria is one of the 3 best nations in the discipline Formation Latin. At the home European Championship 2022 in Schwechat, the A team danced their way to a sensational second place.

In 2003, the Danube Cup was launched as an international formation tournament, which has developed into the world's largest formation tournament series and will be held by HSV-12axing for the 20th time in November 2023.

In addition to the five Latin formations, many individual couples are also active and successful in the HeeresSportVerein Zwölfaxing.

contact persons

board of directors

Executive President

Daniela Heinlein

+43 660 4606613


Christopher Krivanek

+43 676 3926085


Matthias Baumgartner

+43 650 4915868


Alexander Schiele

+43 664 1450235

social media

Head of social media team

Jolene Krivanek

+43 676 7411306

Sponsoring & Networking


Eran Giuli

+43 664 2442426


Zoe Springer

+43 664 2211080

Legal Director

Hanna Koppelent

+43  660 5194988

trainer team

head coach

Stefan Herzog

+43 699 18031201

D team trainer

Contact person for young people

Judith Vass

+43 699 12511710

tickets, events

ticket sales

David Holomcik

home page

Doris Mayerhofer

+43 664 88737279

Legal Director

Hanna Koppelent

+43  660 5194988

show coordination


Patrick Renner

+43 664 1235284

stakeholder support


Hanna Koppelent

+43 660 5194988

dancers, parents, ...

Janina Kupczak

+43 681 84569191

Legal Director

Hanna Koppelent

+43  660 5194988


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